9/23/15 call on Women, Gender, and Climate

(If you missed the call, you can listen to the three audio recordings above)

In the news, on social media, in the language NGOs use-- women are seen as victims.  That they are most impacted by climate change and then nothing more is said about women outside of their suffering. 

But this narrative doesn’t address the capitalist and patriarchal roots of how climate change came about in the first place.  We set out on this call to talk about how women are impacted by climate change, and also how women are taking the lead in developing strategies and taking action to challenge corporations and call out government inaction.

On September 23rd, GGJ hosted a call for members and allies on Women, Gender, and Climate.  Over 40 people participated in this call, featuring:

·       Colette Pichon-Battle from Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy who spoke  on the Gulf South context and how women have been at the forefront of fighting for climate justice along the lines of race, class, and gender.

·       Kandi Mossett from the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) who spoke about the women's fight against violence at the fracking camps, and shared with us the North South American Indigenous Women's Treaty that she's been working on.

·       Sara Mersha from Grassroots International who spoke about women's leadership in the Climate Justice movement internationally

We also focused the call on the upcoming People’s Climate Movement national day of action on climate deniers on October 14th.   (More info on the action to come in the next week)

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