1000 Cancuns coverage and GGJ Y4CJ Protest on Democracy Now

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Democracy Now

Youth for Climate Justice, GGJ, GJEP and IEN Inside Action Coverage starts at 31 mins.

Check out Kari Fulton of Youth for Climate Justice's great speech at the 1000 Cancuns press conference inside the negotiations.  Also check out Sunyoung Yang of the Labor Community Strategy Center and GGJ's fierce chanting and resistance to the UN suits and enforcers who kicked the youth out of the building.

1000 Cancuns March and global action coverage starts at 39 mins.

Check out Claytom Thomas-Mueller of IEN's great breakdown of why he's marching, as well as La Via Campesina farmers from around the world explaining the problems with industrial agriculture which is literally killing thousands of people every year.