GGJ at WMW Americas Regional Meeting in Peru, October 2015

Nearly 100 feminists from the World March of Women of the Americas met in Cajamarca, Peru between October 23-25, 2015 to carry out the fourth regional meeting. Participants included delegates from Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Quebec, United States, and Peru. Also with us were compañeras of the March from the different regions of Peru.

For three days we discussed our analyses and context, we put together maps of resistances and alternatives from each of our countries that will be brought to the International Meeting next year in Mozambique; and heard testimony from fellow Peruvians on their struggles in defense of their bodies, their land, and their territories. Lastly, we marched through the center of Cajamarca and held a dialogue with representatives of social movements in Cajamarca. 

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GGJ’s delegation consisted of Helena Wong (GGJ national organizer), Maria Poblet (Causa Justa:: Just Cause), Jessica Guerrero (Fuerza Unida), and Emma Sandoval (SouthWest Organizing Project).

See below for reflections from the delegation:

Reflections from Jessica Guerrero (Fuerza Unida)

Check out photos from the convening here:

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